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Hello, I am Pastor Bob-associate pastor of Truth and Mercy Ministries (a.k.a. Dr. Grandpa). I would like to describe to you a vision for this ministry.

Though I do not really like to talk about myself much (as I continue to learn to be increasingly humble before God) perhaps a little “bio” would be appropriate. I came to know Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in 1979. I have (well nearly always-being honest here) loved the study of God’s Word ever since. Although there have been many events throughout the course of my life, some wonderful things as well as some heartbreaking episodes, there has been one element in life which has remained a constant: God’s unconditional love for me; a sinner saved by grace!

As my thirst for really getting to know the God of the Bible increased I began to search for a Bible school in which I could learn so much more about the Bible I was holding in my hand. I some research I found such a school: Truth and Mercy Institute For Advanced Ministry Studies (http://instituteforadvancedministry.weebly.com/).

My life has been forever changed (my walk with God matured) as a result of this very fine Bible school, please visit this website and by all means ask questions.

Back to bio: I was blessed in so many ways from all this school work. I benefitted greatly from the love and encouragement by Pastor Abaldo as I continued on to pursue my Doctor of Ministry degree and Bachelor of Christian Counseling degree. In addition to this I became ordained by Pastor Abaldo as Associate Pastor for Truth and Mercy Ministries. As a national fleet long haul driver for Crete Carrier for over 14 years now, I am blessed to earn a good income for my wife and I as we seem to be getting along in years.

God has shown me many things for this day and age in which we live. Our world is changing at warp speed now, each passing day brings on new challenges for true Biblical Christians. God has made it clear to me to minister sound Biblical doctrine (NOT denominational doctrine nor the ideas and traditions of men) to men and women who are trying to “make it” in this world of rapid decay. A part of this vision includes Grace Wins!, a  Christian  fellowship gathering of the faithful remnant who choose Jesus Christ above and over the ways of this world in chaos and depravity. To this I invite you my friend, let’s gather and fellowship in the name of Christ.

Eph 2:19 So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints, and are of God’s household,

A church building is sometimes called God’s house. In reality, God’s household is not a building but a group of people. He lives in us and shows himself to a watching world through us. People can see that God is love and that Christ is Lord as we live in harmony with each other and in accordance with what God says in his Word. We are citizens of God’s Kingdom and members of his household. Life Application Study Bible

So what do I need to do in order to meet with this group of people? Just a couple of steps:

  1. Fill out the contact form (or email, or call the contact phone number). You will be added to the list of folks who will receive an email notice announcing a new Chapel posting.

  2. I would encourage you download eSword if you have not already done so. This is free and is an outstanding resource.


  3. We will endeavor to post a new Grace Wins! Chapel Service at least once a week, and desire to be able to post more frequently, perhaps twice a week
  4. Just show up! No need to get all dressed up. Just come as you are.

As a long haul truck driver I have seen a real need for this type of ministry. There are perhaps thousands of persons looking for solid Biblical Christian fellowship, and for various reasons have not had a means  to do this with any measure of success. I have known many who have become disenfranchised from large corporate denominational churches. I have known many who are not able to attend traditional services for logistics reasons. For example there are long haul truck drivers, those who are away from home, those who are in a controlled environment-such as a nursing home, and those lacking the financial means to “give” to the institution and having to endure the public humiliation of the empty pocket syndrome. Then there are those whom believe there is a God, have many good questions and are searching for real truth, yet shy away from brick and mortar institutions (this was me prior to 1979 at which time I likened the church to a car dealership. Seems funny now, but that was how I felt back then!).

If this is you, give Grace Wins! a shot. I promise we won’t turn you upside down like a salt shaker to extract your hard earned money, we won’t make you do funny things in public, we won’t laugh at how you look etc. We don’t require those expensive and hot uncomfortable awful suits, dresses, and shoes you can’t wait to take off. Just think-you can be you! Just as God created the unique you!

Looking forward to fellowship!

Dr. Grandpa

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What Can I Do?


What Can I Do? 

  1. Pray for this ministry
  2. Tell people about us
  3. Offer suggestions for future topics
  4. Become a guest writer